Dolcino Jacquard Wrap Falklands -

Dolcino Jacquard Wrap Falklands


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Fabric woven on a jacquard loom are known in babywearing for the excellent stability and grip given to the fabric. The intricate jacquard weave also adds an extra softness and airy feel to the baby carrier. We are proud to feature these beautiful woven baby carriers from our friends at Dolcino. Made and designed completely in Germany and Switzerland, production follows high ecological and social standards. 100% organic cotton, yarn dyed according to IANT standards. The strength of the Dolcino woven baby carriers allows parents to safely carry children up to 3 yrs old. Encourages parent/child bonding 100% organic cotton Holds babies up to 60lbs. Non-stretch woven Machine wash, cold. Line dry Carry baby on front, hip and back

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