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  • Pregnant Woman Struck By Lightening

    A pregnant woman and her unborn baby were struck by lightening a few days ago.

    The woman, Kelly Lough, was getting into her husband's car during a storm while holding her umbrella.

    There was a large flash and big boom, she stated, and she felt a jolt of electricity flow down her right arm and out the left as well as her toes.

    The doctors think that maybe her old pair of rubber soled shoes that she had intended to throw away were what might have saved her life by providing a bit more insulation than the pair of high heels she had intended to wear.

    Ms Lough was rushed to the hospital and she, as well as her unborn baby, were found to be both perfectly healthy. The weather officials believe that Ms Lough was probably struck by one of the minor side bolt and not the main branch.

    The National Weather Service puts the odds of being struck by lightening are 1 out of 775,000. Our own TummyStyle statistician places the odds of a pregnant woman being struck by lightening at 1 in 100 million!

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