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  • Kerri Walsh Expecting Baby #3 and Pregnant DURING Olympic Games!!!

    If you did not already find Kerri Walsh completely mind blowing impressive with her 3rd Olympic Gold in beach volleyball with partner Misty May, but she also just revealed she was 5 weeks pregnant while competing in London 6 weeks ago while achieving that Gold Medal!

    “When I was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant,” Walsh Jennings jokes.

    While we don’t recommend beach volleyball as the preferred sport for expecting moms, I’m sure Kerri has probably scaled back on her body hurling in the sand now that she knows of the reality of her pregnancy. She even admitted feeling a little “off” during the games, although I’m sure her opponents didn’t feel that way about her play.

    “I thought it could have been the stress of the Games and travel throws your schedule off,” she explains. “At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely started feeling something in London.”

    Kerri, 34, and her husband, Casey Jennings, will welcome baby number 3 in early April to join their sons, Sundance, 2 and Joseph, 3. Kerri says this pregnancy is a lot different than her previous pregnancies with her sons and is experiencing morning sickness every day.

    “This little one is kicking my butt! The first two were pretty easy, but with this one, I’m sick every day,” she admits. “I’ve got some awesome acne. I just feel different.”

    Well she sounds a little human, but I’m sure those washboard abs will pop out again by May!

    All joking aside, we admire 3 times Gold Olympian Supermom Kerri and wish her all the best with her pregnancy.

  • Pregnant Athlete To Compete In London Olympics

    Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi from Malyasia will be 7 months pregnant when she competes in the London 2012 Olympics. But, it's not in track, swimming or other sports that require her extreme exertion. Suryani competes in shooting.

    Given that shooting requires a steady hand we hope the olympic athlete has a baby who is calm and doesn't kick her pregnant belly too much!

    One suggestion of maternity clothes for Suryani would be the Maternal America Hoodie Maternity Track Suit. It is soft and stretchy. There's plenty of room at the belly. The pants have a tie at the waist to allow for the changing shape. Sizes run from Small to Large and run $129.

  • No Baby Blues For Olympic Skater Isabel Delobel

    I must say Olympic athletes are truly an inspiring group of people! Only 4 months after giving birth to her baby girl Lois, French competitor Isabel Delobel competed in the Vancouver Olympics in Ice Dancing with her longtime partner, Oliver Schoenfelder.

    Although they did not medal, they did have a strong 6th place finish overall. In addition to the pregnancy hurtle, Isabel also had to deal with a shoulder injury and surgery last January. But, Isabel had no excuses, only a positive attitude going into the Games:

    "My pregnancy went very well and my shoulder is fine too so I'm feeling in very good shape now."

    delobelThe French competitor, 31, and her partner Olivier Schoenfelder, 32, were the 2008 world champions. Last night’s Olympic performance in the Free Skate was the “Last Dance” of their 20-year skating partnership.

    Training with baby

    Their program for the Original Dance was the French Cancan and Jacques Brel's 'La Quete' in the free programme."We put our soul into the free programme which is like a conclusion to our 20 years working together," added Delobel.

    Delobel fought hard to lose 20 pounds of baby weight after gbing birth to bay Lois on Oct 1st. (She wed Lois’ father , Olympic-bronze medalist Ludovic Roux in the summer of 2009). Delobel was back on the ice just three weeks after giving birth.

    She told the Washington Post that losing the baby weight “was the most work, the hardest work I did all my life.”

    Delobel continued to skate while she was pregnant and worked carefully with her trainers. She says that she had to cut back on jumps and quick turns so she would not be in danger of falling. Her partner admits to the challenges of preparing for the Olympics with his pregnant partner. He told the Post:

    “Of course there is some frusteration. You want to go fast and you can’t because you have to go step by step.” They also had to hold off on practicing elements like lifts while Delobel was pregnant.

    Although Delobel didn’t win the gold, she has no regrets. She calls giving birth “the best event in your life – different than the Olympics. It gives me serenity.”

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