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Bryce Dallas Howard and husband Seth Gabel will have baby 2 shortly!

Congratulations to the stunning Bryce Dallas Howard and her handsome husband Seth Gabel on their second pregnancy! In just a few short weeks, their four year old son Theo will be joined by a new baby brother or sister. We love Bryce, not only for her phenomenal acting skills but also for her candidness in discussing her struggles with post-partum depression. We could not be happier for the lovely family!

Bryce’s stunning red hair and porcelain skin are gorgeous, and we love how she has chosen to play up her beautiful features with a plethora of colors. Not shying away from any color, she chooses bold hues that truly make a statement. From deep blues to bright pinks to rich greens, the colors she chooses exude happiness and confidence. No matter what one’s coloring, adding bold and rich hues to one’s wardrobe is an excellent way to pep up one’s maternity wardrobe. This past June, Bryce rocked a gorgeous pink gown at the MTV Movie Awards. The flowing fabric in shades of pink was stunning, and the rope belt created a flattering empire waist. We also love the confidence Bryce exuded in her marigold gown that she recently wore on the red carpet. Paired with her deep red hair, the golden hue has an autumn feel. The empire-waist emphasis fits her baby bump beautifully, while her clean and simple styling really lets the dress shine.

No matter what one’s coloring, adding bold hues to one’s maternity wardrobe is stylish and truly exudes confidence. It can be added in subtle ways, such as a sapphire colored t-shirt or a deep red scarf. If one wants to be a bit bolder, try a pair of purple skinny jeans paired with a white tank or an emerald green cocktail dress. Congratulations to the Howard-Gabel family!