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Prego Maternity Swimwear Betsy Halter

Here from Prego Maternity is the very feminine loooking halter style maternity bathing suit. It comes in a black base fabric with lovely pink roses with copper brown leaves. The pink roses are grouped together to give the suit a bouqueted look.

The top has adjustable halter straps and with the elastic band under the bust you will get excellent support. The bra is lightly padded to give you a smooth look. Side ties on the bottoms provide for some space to grow as you may need.

This is will really look stylish and sexy in this and all prego maternity swimsuits.

Maternal America Stork Pattern Maternity Dress

Here’s a new fun and sexy maternity dress from Maternal America called the Stork Maternity Dress. It has an oragne, navy, and white striped pattern with storks blended throughout the pattern. In fact, if you don’t really look, you many not even recognize them. That is the beauty of this maternity dress. It’s so subtle that it looks elegant and rich.

The shoulders are wide and move down into a V-neck pattern for a level of sexiness. Wear it with heels or flats. Put on a long gold necklace with some dangling earrings and you create a style that really says wow.

The fabric is soft and feels really smooth against skin and will be keep you comfortable all day long.

Prego Lulu Strapless Mini Maternity Swimwear

New from Prego Maternity is the LuLu Strapless Mini. It comes in a Betsy Johnson inspired print with with a black and white fluer de lis and flower pattern. The pattern works really well to hide your belly. It’s really attractive and makes the suit look like it should cost well over twice its price!

LIke all great Prego maternity swimsuits, the top has a wide elastic band under the bust for superior support. And, for women who are looking for just a bit more support, there is a detachable support strap.

The skirt portion of the top extends down low to provide maximum coverage of your behind. The bikini bottoms fit under the belly.

This is definitely one maternity bathing suit you will want this season!

Olian Maternity 3 Piece Dot Nursing Pajama Set

Are you looking for a special gift for a pregnant friend? Or maybe you just need a comfortable pair of nursing pajamas. One suggestion would be the Olian Maternity 3 Piece Dot Nursing Pajama Set.

This wonderful set is made of a super soft cotton material. It has a pull to the side nursing top along with a pair of full length pajama bottoms. And, to make it even more special, there is the matching baby sleeper. Nothing looks more cute than having friends and family show up at the hosiptal and them see you and your new born sweetie in the same matching pattern.

This Olian nursing pajama set comes in yellow and blue. Yellow is a great option for having a girl or boy and blue is always that favorite baby boy color.

At $94.00, the Olian Maternity 3 Piece Dot Nursing Pajama Set is a great buy for your wife or loved one who is pregnant or already had the baby!

Bravado Nursing Bra Tank

The nursing bra tank is one of Bravado’s most popular and best selling item. There is a good reason for this too with its many features. It is made of 100% cotton and utilizes the Bravado specially patened CottonFlex fabric which keeps the skin cool and dry without reducing flexibility or movement.

The cups are molded and seamless which gives more support than other nursing bra tanks which are just a shelf bra. They are also sized in two cup sizes with even increment chest circumference and adjustable shoulder straps.

A simple plastic clip on the shoulder strap allows you to easily gain access to nursing your baby in record time, and, comfortably too!

The skirt botton comes down to the hip and has enough Spandex in it to keep it snug and comfortable.

The Bravado Nursing Bra Tank is available in eight colors at at only $44.10. And, now with the 20OFFSPRING coupon code for 20% off all items, the final cost is only $35.28!! It won’t get any cheaper than that anywhere on the internet!

Maternal America Maternity Halter Top

The new Maternal America maternity halter top is incredibly stylish in a tribal inspired orange, black and white print.

The halter tie top shows off the shoulders and comes down just below the colar. The fabric and lines of the pattern create a really nice slimming effect. The stretchy material will keep up with your growing belly and not bind or grab.

Wear it with jeans or pants. Pair it with a skirt and wear around the office. Put it on and go out on a date with your husband!

Comes in XS to Large and is priced at $78.00. Made in the USA.

The Maternal America Cheryl Maternity Swimwear

The Maternal America Cheryl maternity swimwear is new for the Spring 2013 season. It comes in a cool and refreshing mint color for some extra flare whether at the beach or by the poolside. The top has a small halter tie to add support but you can easily wear it strapless. Just take that tie and make a bow out of it. Up or down it has real style and elan.

The top is ruched at the middle between the cups. There’s a slight conture under the slightly padded cups which will give you a bit of a lift.The bottoms are ties at the side. It’s a great feature to help keep pace with your growing figures.

Maternity Leave Policy Around The World — US Is Not The Best.

Have you ever wondered what the maternity or parental leave policies are in the rest of the world? If you are in the United States, then there is a 95% chance that it is better than what you are currently getting.

In fact, about 2/3rds of the countries in the world pay out 100% of your salary for a given period of time. May of these countries have the government picking up the bill, according to the International Labour Organization

Most countries allow for paid leave for 12 to 16 weeks. Australia allows for up to 1 year but it comes at the price of not being paid. The US hits the norm at 12 weeks but that too is without any guaranteed pay.

Studies have shown that there are benefits to keeping new parents happy by retaining them through leave. It often costs as much as 50 to 200% of an employees salary to replace them. Google extended their leave policy from 3 months to 5 and the new mother fallout rate dropped by half.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to pay for a new parent’s time off to spend with their child, it does end up making good economic sense for the employer with the added benefit of having a happier family.

Country Length of Leave % of Wages
Afghanistan 90 days 100
Algeria 14 weeks 100
Angola 90 days 100
Antigua/Barbuda 13 weeks 60
Argentina 90 days 100
Australia 1 year 0
Austria 16 weeks 100
Bahamas 8 weeks 100
Bahrain 45 days 100
Bangladesh 12 weeks 100
Barbados 12 weeks 100
Belarus 126 days 100
Belgium 15 weeks 82
Belize 12 weeks 80
Benin 14 weeks 100
Bolivia 60 days 100
Botswana 12 weeks 25
Brazil 120 days 100
Bulgaria 120-180 days 100
Burkina Faso 14 weeks 100
Burundi 12 weeks 50
Cambodia 90 days 50
Cameroon 14 weeks 100
Canada 1 year 60
Central African Rep. 14 weeks 50
Chad 14 weeks 50
Chile 18 weeks 100
China 90 days 100
Colombia 12 weeks 100
Comoros 14 weeks 100
Congo 15 weeks 100
Costa Rica 4 months 100
Côte d’Ivoire 14 weeks 100
Cuba 18 weeks 100
Cyprus 16 weeks 75
Dem. Rep. of the Congo 14 weeks 67
Denmark 18 weeks 100
Dominica 12 weeks 60
Dominican Republic 12 weeks 100
Ecuador 12 weeks 100
Egypt 50 days 100
El Salvador 12 weeks 75
Equatorial Guinea 12 weeks 75
Ethiopia 90 days 100
Finland 105 days 80
France 16-26 weeks 100
Gabon 14 weeks 100
Germany 14 weeks 100
Ghana 12 weeks 50
Greece 16 weeks 75
Grenada 3 months 100
Guatemala 12 weeks 100
Guinea 14 weeks 100
Guinea-Bissau 60 days 100
Guyana 13 weeks 70
Haiti 12 weeks 100
Honduras 10 weeks 100
Hungary 24 weeks 100
India 12 weeks 100
Indonesia 3 months 100
Iran 90 days 66.7
Iraq 62 days 100
Ireland 14 weeks 70
Israel 12 weeks 75
Italy 5 months 80
Jamaica 12 weeks 100
Japan 14 weeks 60
Jordan 10 weeks 100
Kenya 2 months 100
Korea, Republic of 60 days 100
Kuwait 70 days 100
Laos 90 days 100
Lebanon 40 days 100
Lesotho 12 weeks 0
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 50 days 50
Liechtenstein 8 weeks 80
Luxembourg 16 weeks 100
Madagascar 14 weeks 100
Malaysia 60 days 100
Mali 14 weeks 100
Malta 13 weeks 100
Mauritania 14 weeks 100
Mauritius 12 weeks 100
Mexico 12 weeks 100
Morocco 12 weeks 100
Mozambique 60 days 100
Myanmar 12 weeks 66.7
Nepal 52 days 100
Netherlands 16 weeks 100
New Zealand 14 weeks 0
Nicaragua 12 weeks 60
Niger 14 weeks 50
Nigeria 12 weeks 50
Norway 18 weeks 100
Pakistan 12 weeks 100
Panama 14 weeks 100
Papua New Guinea 6 weeks 0
Paraguay 12 weeks 50
Peru 90 days 100
Philippines 60 days 100
Poland 16-18 weeks 100
Portugal 98 days 100
Qatar 40-60 days 100
Romania 112 days 50
Russia 140 days 100
Rwanda 12 weeks 67
Saint Lucia 13 weeks 65
Sao Tome/Principe 70 days 100
Saudi Arabia 10 weeks 50 or 100
Senegal 14 weeks 100
Singapore 8 weeks 100
Solomon Islands 12 weeks 25
Somalia 14 weeks 50
South Africa 12 weeks 45
Spain 16 weeks 100
Sri Lanka 12 weeks 100
Sudan 8 weeks 100
Swaziland 12 weeks 0
Sweden 14 weeks 75%
Switzerland 8 weeks 100
Syria 75 days 100
Tanzania 12 weeks 100
Thailand 90 days 100
The Gambia 12 weeks 100
Togo 14 weeks 100
Trinidad/Tobago 13 weeks 100
Tunisia 30 days 67
Turkey 12 weeks 66.7
Uganda 8 weeks 100
Ukraine 126 days 100
United Arab Emirates 45 days 100
United Kingdom 14-18 weeks 90
United States 12 weeks 0
Uruguay 12 weeks 100
Venezuela 18 weeks 100
Viet Nam 4-6 months 100
Yemen 60 days 100
Zambia 12 weeks 100
Zimbabwe 90 days 60

The Prego Maternity Swimwear Laguna Halter Baby Doll

The Prego Maternity Swimwear Laguna Halter Baby Doll is a colorful variation on the classic baby doll currently sold by in basic black and brown.

The blue and aquamarine color of the tropical flowers with their yellow accents is calm and elicits a feeling of being on a Hawaiian Island lounging about while the ocean waves lap at your feet and the cool breeze plays with your hair.

Like all the baby dolls, this maternity swimsuit has a longer top skirt that provides more than sufficient coverage across the top of the bell and then down below the bikini bottoms.

The extra wide straps are adjustable and provides some of the best bust support you will find anywhere. The cups are lightly padded. There is more than enough room at the skirt to allow for your ever expanding belly — even at the 9 month mark!

Maternal America Skinny Ankle Maternity Jeans

Who says a maternity jean must be boring? Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear a pair of jeans with those awful cutout panels that go over your belly. Instead, look to the Maternal America Skinny Ankle Maternity Jeans in their great turquoise color. Put these pants on and people will wonder if you really are pregnant because they fit so well!

They fit under your belly the same as the ever popular Maternal America Megan Jeans and have a wide elastic waist band to keep them from falling down. Unlike other jeans, these pair are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off.

The pant legs taper down at the ankle to give that nice fitted and slenderizing look. Pair with a nice baby cap T-shirt and you are ready to hit the town with your girlfriends.

What’s more, many of our customers like these jeans so much that they continue to wear them even after their pregnancy. It’s really hard to tell that that you were wearing them while pregnant.

At $92, they are a bargain and most likely will never make it to the laundry basket!