Time Magazine Cover is Not an Accurate Portrayal of Nursing Moms

Jamie Lynne Grumet on the Today Show

Time magazine recently caused a stir with their provocative cover photo of pretty young mom, Jamie Lynne Grumet, shown nursing her nearly 4 year old son while he stands on a chair next to her. Although we at TummyStyle fully support nursing mothers, we don’t feel this photo accurately captures the essence of the nurturing experience of nursing your child. It appears that the photo shoot was designed elicit a shock factor to draw attention to the magazine by showing a older than average child nursing from a chair like he is drinking from a water fountain as the mom reveals her breast to the world and strikes a pose in form fitting clothes.

At TummyStyle we support breastfeeding but we do not support fueling the controversy of different parenting styles and choices regarding nursing and its duration. Breastfeeding is unquestionably a healthy choice for your baby, but we’re all on the same team here and need to support rather than divide moms on choices regarding breastfeeding and how long they choose to nurse child.

It’s hard work being a mom whether you nurse your child until kindergarten or bottle feed your baby. The support we as moms get from our spouses, families, friends and community is the “village” we need to do our very best for our children.

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