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Bella B lotion

  • Bella B Gift Sets - The perfect gift for MOM and Baby

    New Mom Pampering Set, Bella B Bodycare New Mom Pampering Set, Bella B Bodycare

    Looking for a great gift idea for a baby shower or just a little something to welcome home someone special?  From Bella B “Welcome Home Baby” or “Luxurious Pampering” gift sets are great! Both sets include 3 great products that mommy and baby will love! To help new and expecting moms feel special try the Luxurious Pampering gift set. With its refreshing sitz bath powder they call it “Mama Soak”.  This formula has serious moisture that lasts all day. With shea, mango, silk and honey. Hypoallergenic and paraben free, mom will love the mild and fresh sent of her Moisturizing Body Cream. And to complete her gift set included is the popular Tummy Honey Butter for stretch mark prevention. A wonderful soothing cream that is also hypoallergenic and paraben free. Made with cocoa, shea and aloe vera. Great for soothing itchy skin. 

    Bella B Baby Gift Set

    “Welcome Home Baby”! A great gift idea for new moms who are learning the new bath-time routine. Start with Squeaky Bee baby wash and shampoo. Mild no tear formula that’s hypoallergenic and paraben free. Light fresh scent. Once baby is all dry, warm and cuddly smooth on silk and honey moisturizing lotion, a light non greasy lotion. With shea, mango, silk and honey. Baby will love its mild scent and all the extra TLC and love while massaging it in. Always an important need when you have a baby and included with this gift set. “Honey Bum” diaper rash butter. Made with several key organic ingredients to help heal baby’s delicate skin and prevent diaper rash. A must have to minimize redness and irritation. Keep both mommy and baby happy and comfortable. Two great gift sets from Bella B. You’ll love them!!!

    Tummy Honey Butter, Bella B Bodycare Tummy Honey Butter, Bella B Bodycare

    The popular “Tummy Honey Butter” from Bella B can be bought separately. Great stretch Mark Prevention.  Unlike other stretch mark creams. Tummy Honey Butter is made with vitamins and all natural ingredients. A common concern for moms is stretch marks! With Tummy Honey Butter and its all natural formulation you will help keep your skin elastic during the growth phase. A great way to fight your chance of getting stretch marks. It’s formula also is soothing and helps control the itches while your tummy is growing.

    Whether you are buying for baby, mom or both these gift sets offer all the comfort, love and function that any new mom would welcome and appreciate.


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