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baby wrap

  • Moby Wraps are here at TummyStyle!!!


    The incredible “Moby Wrap” is now at Tummy Style! Wear your baby with comfort and style! With choices of fabric like Bamboo or 100% soft breathable natural cotton it’s the comfortable, soft and supportive way to hold your baby. For the last 9 months you carried your little love bug inside, where he/she was snug, warm and oh so close to you. Feeling your every move, breath and heartbeat.

    moby wrap 3

    With your Moby Wrap baby carrier you will be giving your baby the same feeling on the outside as he/she had on the inside. A powerful bond starts now. And there is no better way to bond and hold your baby then with a Moby Wrap! And it’s not just for moms! It’s for dads, grandparents and even your sitter. With so many choices of wrap positions, baby is always happy!

    moby wrap 2

    As a newborn you can start with the Newborn Hug hold. There is the Cradle Hold, Kangaroo Wrap hold. And if you’re nursing, no problem! You can wrap, hold and nurse too, and with privacy! Your Moby Wrap can hold up to 35 lbs. As baby gets older you can change your wrap position to hold baby on your side or back. With the Moby Wrap your hands are free!! Baby is secure, happy, warm and feels safe. You can take a walk, go shopping or just use it around the house while you’re doing little chores.


    If your baby is fussy, or is just one of those babies that doesn’t like to be laid down for naps. Wear your Moby Wrap around the house. Baby wants to be close to you, hearing your heartbeat and feeling your warmth. You will find that once fussy baby is now happy and napping snuggled close to you.  Ah, you can now sit down for a while put your feet up and enjoy your favorite TV show.  All the while cuddling and kissing your baby’s head.


    This is what experts and moms are saying about the Moby Wrap. Baby wearing causes baby’s core muscles to strengthen. It improves balance, promoting early physical development. Baby wearing gives children a lasting feeling of confidence and independence. And carried babies can see, feel, smell and hear their patents, which decreases stress levels in babies. And parents!! It’s a time tested tradition practiced around the world for centuries. Stop by and visit us at Tummy Style. We have Moby Wraps in many different colors. It’s now a must have fashion accessory that makes sense and moms love!

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